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Bronze Statues and Figurines

Wentorf Bronze skillfully casts bronze statues, bronze sculptures, bronze trophies and bronze corporate gifts in a range of Australian animals such as kangaroos, possums, platypus, penguins, koalas, dolphins, wombats, frogs, lizards, Tasmanian Devils and Tasmanian Tigers.

AUSTRALIA, a continent with a diverse landscape ranging from tropical rainforest to desert, has a unique range of wildlife. An endless supply of subjects for bronze sculpture. By studying and observing them in their natural habitat I try to express their character and movement in my bronze sculptures. The strength of cast bronze allows freedom of expression and detail denied to other materials. All our bronze work is cast in our own foundry and meticulous attention is payed to detail. Some features of the bronze animals are highlighted by polishing to show the brilliant lustre of the bronze metal.

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